Leisure management solutions: ReCreateX

Leisure management software programme

If you’re looking for a leisure management solution, ReCreateX is the way to go. ReCreateX serves as a leisure management software programme that serves as a total solution when automating recreational centres and services. More than 6,000 individual users make daily use of ReCreateX. ReCreateX has been designed on a mod​ular basis, which means it can be expanded step by step. All modules are also highly integrated.

The software is particularly user-friendly and clear. All fields can be personalised and all reports can be modified to the client’s wishes.

Create as many accounts as you want

ReCreateX supports an unlimited number of users, and can be used on both a small (e.g. 1 user, 1 module) and large scale. For example, (certain) data can be shared by different departments. All data from ReCreateX can be exported to MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, etc. All lists and documents can also be printed, faxed, mailed and converted.

ReCreateX has been designed using the latest Microsoft technology (Microsoft.NET framework 4.0, web services, SQL database). This therefore ensures an exceptionally powerful software program.

Syx Automations offers ReCreateX as a local client server application or as 'software as a service' within a hosted environment. Integration is a key factor. Discover the advantages here!

Integration is a key factor. ReCreateX can be integrated with:

  • +40 external CRM + ERP + financial applications
  • Technology (building management, access control, camera surveillance, lockers, PLC, etc.), Internet (web modules and online payments with print@home), PDAs, scanners
  • Self-service kiosks, point-of-payment terminals and cameras
  • “Uitdatabank” (cultural activity database) (Belgium)
  • “Museumjaarkaart” (annual museum season ticket) (Netherlands)
  • Gemeentelijke basisadministratie van persoonsgegevens (Municipal Personal Records Database) (Netherlands)
  • Postas codes databases (Belgium)
  • MS Office

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